Thanks to everyone that took the time to contribute to the upkeep of the forum in 2013, and welcome to 'naming and praising' post for 2014.

As you know, the forum is here, not for the sake of the Admin egos, but rather for the benefit of ALL of our members. You've all proven yourself to be both loyal and knowledgeable over the years, and for that we thank you.

But some members have also put financial effort into the forum. This post is to allow us to publicly thank those members that donate to the upkeep of the forum. It's not cheap keeping a forum going, particularly if you want to hold FREE to enter competitions and add features as we've done in the past. Server space and licences cost too.

Every penny donated to the forum since 1066 and myself took over as Admin of the site has stayed on this site. We've taken nothing out (as a point of fact, we've not even recouped our initial investment), we feel that the forum is stronger if it has strong... [Read More]