Thanks to everyone that helped fund this forum during 2014. We really do have some fantastic members, willing to bank-roll your forum. We've managed to weather the current recession, but would like to be here for many more years to come.

Of course, we can only look for one year at a time, so now we're asking that you again dig deep (or as deep as you can afford), and show your appreciation for both the forum, and the sterling work carried out by your Moderation team on your behalf.

Once again, our stated mission is to improve the forum, adding features if funds allow and are requested.

This isn't about making money for your Admin team, we've never made a penny out of the forum, and aren't in any rush whatsoever to do so. We simply want to see the forum survive as a place for friends to meet anonymously and give advice to each other on a range of subjects, without overly heavy moderation. And a bit of banter doesn't hurt either. ... [Read More]